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Zamar Purpose

Problem identified:

  • Parents from below poverty line families are caught up in the struggle to make ends meet and educating the child comes far below in their list of priorities.
  • Cost of quality education is far beyond the reach of a below poverty line household.
  • For most of the children, an atmosphere conducive for learning does not exist at their home.
  • The prevalent system in schools does not bridge the wide gap that exists between a first generation learner and children from affluent section of society in terms of education.
  • First generation learners often get isolated in a regular school setting in terms of social status, wealth and general proficiency.
  • A holistic, self-contained system of education does not exist at present and a sizable part of activities are left to be done outside the school, which a child from below poverty line household has absolutely no means to achieve.
  • Education under the present system is a long drawn process; extending for a period of about 18 years, spreading across various stages. The advantage gained or lost at each stage has a cumulative effect on the final outcome, and dropout can occur at any stage. Hence, in general, there is a risk involved for a below poverty line parent to invest for 18 long years for a child’s education as they are not sure of the returns.

Problem analyzed

  • When education is not pursued diligently, it is not just that progress is arrested, it is; a whole generation is denied their rightful place in shaping the destiny of a nation and left vulnerable to abuse.

Problem addressed

Zamar Vision and the corresponding Mission is an endeavor to live close to these children and build bridges 

The Vision & Mission

The Vision and Mission of the Trust is only towards the upliftment of the Less privileged children those who are drawn from the neglected part of the society, to give them Free Quality English Medium Education and food till they become self-reliant worthy citizens.

"... Share your food with the hungry, provide the wanderer
with shelter, clothe the naked and satisfy the needs of the
oppressed" (Isaiah 58: 6-12)




  • To identify the children and build a rapport with them

  • To interact and counsel the family

  • To create an interest towards education

  • To provide a homely atmosphere with Love and Care




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