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Teach & Reach

Transform through
ducation with
ffection and
are for an
onorable life



The Beneficiaries


   The children chosen to be benefitted by our trust are drawn from the neglected sections of the society. The children of this target group are mostly from single parent homes where the father is either dead or has deserted the mother in favour of another woman. Even in homes where the father is alive, they are drunkards and expect the children to work so that they can continue drinking. Most of these children end up as domestic helpers in the nearby colonies. These Children are severely malnourished and are thin for their age.



Spoken English Training


These children have no opportunity even to hear English words at home. Effort is taken to develop their spoken English skills by skilled teachers trained in this.

Play-way method



  The children are from very poor background and they have no access to toys that will help them to think. We have provided many toys for them to play with. Building blocks and other scientific toys are made available to stimulate their thinking.

Visual Education




Charts and other visual methods are used to introduce them to moral values and hygienic living.

Sing song Method



   Songs not only soothe the mind but help the Children to remember facts of life Singing is a good method of committing important facts to memory.

Three R's of Learning (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)



   Numbers and Alphabets have been started. Children are encouraged to write on slates a swell as repeat orally to commit them to memory

Art and Craft



   Every child is blessed with creative ability Crayons and coloring books are given to help the children in this way.

Physical Education



  Children are encouraged to play and exercise their bodies so that they can have healthy bodies.

Food and Nourishment


Education is not effective on an empty stomach. So we provide mixed rice, vegetables and egg for lunch and Sundal for evening snacks


 Dependence on God


    Children and encouraged to depend on God for their physical and emotional needs. This gives hope for the future in the hearts of Children and it is this hope that will encourage them to work hard and achieve what they set their minds to


Loving Care

  Love is the most important ingredient for growth. Effort is taken to explain to the parents the importance of personal hygiene and care of their children with much care and concern.
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